Stay ahead of construction dust.

Clean your home, business, or event before the dust settles and you don’t want to clean it again.

Your construction site is dirtier than you think!

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Services are responsible for giving your property the thorough, professional clean after it has been completed. We work hard to provide you with a quality service that leaves you feeling satisfied and happy in your new home or office built by yourself or someone else. Though construction is already finished (and often forgotten), post-construction cleaning is an important step to take before moving into the new building, not too mention it will save you time and energy trying to do a job that professionals can handle better anyways! After all dust settles from any project – big or small – we’re ready to finish up with three main phases: debris removal following any project; finalizing touches of cleanup; touch ups on stains/stains left over from dirtier jobs like carpets or window screens. Our goal is providing complete post-construction cleaning services as best as possible!.

#1 PHASE An initial cleaning for a price you can afford.

With our initial cleaning, you'll get all the debris cleaned from dust, paint, caulking, windows to doors, and baseboards. Enjoy your new space knowing that no one else has been in there since construction finished!
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#2 Phase. Reduce your cleanup time with Deep Cleaning

From the moment you contact us, we're committed to getting you back in your space as quickly as possible. Our deep clean starts with sanitizing every nook and cranny and includes carpets, hardwood floors, cabinets, fixtures, and more. We'll wrap up the job by leaving it spotless!

# Phase 3. Let us do the last bit for you.

We're here to help. We wil take care of any last minute dust, window smudges and other small deficiencies before you get to open your business, move into your home and enjoy your newly completed project.
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Post-Construction Cleaning Services from Efficiently Clean

We operate under one principle: to provide our clients with unbeatable cleaning services, and we won’t stop until that is true. To accomplish this goal, we employ only the most reliable commercial cleaners who are eager to make a difference during all phases of our process. If you’re ready for uncompromising service from an elite team of cleaners get started with a free estimate!

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We are a family owned company founded in the Phoenix AZ.

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Please select exact size of your place. If you need part of the place cleaned, please choose hourly option.

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If you are not happy, we will work with you so that you are totally taken care of!

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We have a team of professionals who will do the job right—from start to finish. We offer free estimates, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the work we do for you.